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Stigma and Disability. essay

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At one and a half years of age, Desean started to lose his hearing, but the diagnosis that he had hearing loss did not come until he was almost five. During this time, he made up his own language to communicate with his family. Because he was not diagnosed until later, he also lost out on tremendously important early intervention services that would have benefitted Desean as he began to move into his early school years. Tequilla, his mother, learned American Sign Language (ASL) through volunteering at Desean’s school, which in turn motivated her to go into healthcare leadership. 

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Due to the construction in Sage Hall, the ODA Testing Center has been temporarily relocated to the second floor of Hickory Hall, room 274. Testing operations will remain in Hickory Hall through the Fall 2019 semester. If you need assistance with scheduling and taking accommodated exams, please go to Hickory Hall, room 274. For questions, contact ODA Testing at 

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This is a helpful distinction as, for the most part, barriers can be removed and, since the Equality Act (2010), are required to be dealt with in a timely way. Many barriers, when removed, allow greater participation for a number of individuals, including those who are not disabled people. Examples would include the provision of electronic copies of lecture materials in advance and the networking of assistive technology software.

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"I'm just starting my sophomore year in college.... I first knew I had a learning disability when I was in first grade. A learning disability is like any other disability, but in this case it's the learning process that is disturbed. There is something that's stopping me from learning in the average way. I know it's not that I can't learn. I can, but I learn differently and it's often much harder for me.... This in turn means that I have difficulty with reading and spelling, and also with

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CTD is a 501(c)3 working to ensure that persons with disabilities may work, live, learn, play and participate fully in the community of their choice. We focus on the areas of governmental advocacy, public awareness activities, and professional disability consulting to fulfill our mission. CTD is the largest and oldest member driven cross-disability organization in the state.