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Community Colleges and Teaching English as a Second Language. essay

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The use of these various terms han class="shlight">asan> led to confusion about the training options for both prospective students an clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">andan> for employers. Because there is no global stan clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">andan>ard for the training of an clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">Englishan> language teacher, it is important to look beyond the actual acronym/title to the components of the training program. Short term certificate programs that do not have an academic affiliation resulting in credits or degrees (such an class="shlight">asan> CELTA or other non-credit programs) can be a good launching pad for beginning positions internationally, but they will generally not provide sufficient training for a career (unless a person already han class="shlight">asan> substantial experience an clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">andan> a degree in a closely related field). People interested in pursuing a career an class="shlight">asan> an an clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">Englishan> language teacher should invest in credit-bearing programs that result in a university recognized certificate or degree program (MA/TESOL, MA/Applied Linguistics) particularly if one wants to work in higher education. Because of the confusing certification situation, employers now generally look for a certificate that reflects at lean class="shlight">asan>t 100 hours of instruction in order to determine if the can clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">andan>idate han class="shlight">asan> sufficient preparation to begin teaching an clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">Englishan>. Institutions with higher stan clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">andan>ards will require applicants to possess a man class="shlight">asan>ter's degree for employment.

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Language is said to be a system in which the combination of sounds form words an clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">andan> the combination of words form sentences for a representation of knowledge is determined by a system of rules. And these rules are applied in the construction of words an clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">andan> sentences. One of the ban class="shlight">asan>ic principles of learning a second language is to use it an class="shlight">asan> soon an class="shlight">asan> possible in our everyday life activities. This is made clear to the learner an clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">andan> the teacher makes effort to see to it that the language is learned, despite the many interference phenomena in the process. Nigeria is a multilingual an clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">andan> multi-cultural country. It han class="shlight">asan> been estimated that over 400 indigenous languages exist in the country. This multiplicity of languages in Nigeria wan class="shlight">asan> compounded with the advent of the colonial man class="shlight">asan>ters who introduced an clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">andan> implanted the an clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">Englishan> language in Nigeria. It han class="shlight">asan> become part of the system to the extent that instead of the continous struggle required to meet up with the stan clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">andan>ard set by the native speakers , a Nigerian variety han class="shlight">asan> emerged. It is now regarded an class="shlight">asan> a Nigerian language.

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According to Babajide 2002: “For any nation particularly in the third world to be relevant an clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">andan> derive the maximum benefit from the opportunities that abound in every area of human need, for personal advancement an clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">andan> national development, an clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">Englishan> is a ‘sine qua non’. He further stated that up till now the country is still faced with the dilemma of selecting an indigenous language that will foster national unity. As the debate continues, Prof. Afolayan bring s out the important place of an clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">Englishan> when he said that “It is unrealistic for anybody in Nigeria today to think that National unity can be forged in the country without recourse to the utilization of the an clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">Englishan> Language……. It han class="shlight">asan> been the language of political entity itself an clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">andan> also the language of its politico- economic unification an clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">andan> administration. Further more the fact that it is now functioning an class="shlight">asan> the language of Nigerian Nationalism cannot be denied.” Multilingualism an clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">andan> an clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">Englishan> in Nigeria

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comprehension development between monolinguistic students an clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">andan> bilingual students learning an clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">Englishan> an class="shlight">asan> a second language. The researchers wanted to know how they differed in word reading, reading comprehension, working memory, phonological processing, syntactic awareness, an clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">andan> morphological awareness.Methodology: The participants in this study consisted of monolinguistic an clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">andan> ESL children, defined an class="shlight">asan> speaking any language other than an clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">Englishan> at home. These students hail from 30 different schools in a local school

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Dual language is a form of education in which students are taught to read an clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">andan> write in two languages. The majority of dual language programs in the United States teach in an clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">Englishan> an clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">andan> Spanish, although there are emerging programs that teach in Man clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">andan>arin, Japanese an clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">andan> Hindi. The programs start of mostly in kindergarten san clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">andan> 1st grade an clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">andan> continue throughout primary education, in addition some dual language programs depending on the grade continue through middle an clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">andan> high school. Even Hayward’s own Burbank

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How can you implement these videos in a clan class="shlight">asan>s? Let’s say you use one of the Khan Academy interviews with entrepreneurs. Prepare a short summary an clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">andan> some questions ahead of time. Have the students listen to an interview once or twice depending on how well you feel they understood it. Ask some students to summarize what they heard. Refer to your written summary to see if they got all the important points from the interview. If not, jog their memory. Then, either an class="shlight">asan>k them the questions or use the questions an class="shlight">asan> a quiz to evaluate each student’s listening ability.

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Courses at this level will prepare students to understan clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">andan> the main idean class="shlight">asan> of complex texts on bothconcrete an clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">andan> abstract topics, including technical discussions in their field of specialization; to interact with a degree of fluency an clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">andan> spontaneity that makes regular interaction with native speakers quite possible without strain for either party. They will be able to produce clear, detailed text on a wide range of subjects an clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">andan> explain a viewpoint on a topical issue giving the advantages an clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">andan> disadvantages of various options.

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OCC features exceptional facilities an clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">andan> the latest in technology an clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">andan> offers more than 135 academic an clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">andan> career programs, including one of the nation’s largest an clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">andan> most acclaimed public nautical programs.

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Like ESL, Bilingual Education is not a man clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">andan>ated part of the curriculum, yet many schools offer it to accommodate the influx of culturally diverse children. Most often found in urban arean class="shlight">asan>, Bilingual Education seeks to help students whose native language is not an clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">Englishan> keep up with subjects such an class="shlight">asan> Math an clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">andan> Science, which can ean class="shlight">asan>ily be lost in translation without an class="shlight">asan>sistance. Bilingual Education exists in many forms, including Transitional Bilingual Education, Two-Way or Dual Language Immersion, an clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">andan> Late-Exit or Developmental Bilingual Education. In these forms, a student will be an class="shlight">asan>sisted with non-language subjects so that they can maintain the achievement level of native speakers while learning to speak an clan class="shlight">asan>s="shlight">Englishan>. Bilingual clan class="shlight">asan>ses will often be taught by bilingual teachers, or will have a translator to an class="shlight">asan>sist.