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If You Can Write A Lesson Plan, You Can Write An Article. essay

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Français: préparer un cours, Italiano: Pianificare una Lezione, Español: planificar una clase, Deutsch: Einen Unterrichtsplan erstellen, Русский: составить план урока, Nederlands: Een lesplan maken, Čeština: Jak si vytvořit učební plán, Bahasa Indonesia: Menyusun Rencana Pelaksanaan Pembelajaran (RPP), 日本語: 授業の計画を立てる, العربية: إعداد خطة المحاضرة, Tiếng Việt: Soạn Giáo án, 한국어: 수업 준비하는 법, ไทย: จัดทำแผนการเรียนการสอน, Türkçe: Bir Ders Planı Nasıl Yapılır, हिन्दी: पढ़ाई करें और नोट्स बनायें (exam ke liye notes banaye, kaise kare, padhai)

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We started using a list of symbols about 30 years ago following the international bibliography. Then we gradually added the above symbols for the following reasons: Symbol G (grammar error) defines the error and it becomes more specific for the learner; for some years we had used WW for wrong words/grammar errors but we found out during a teachers' meeting that the symbol WW was not adequate for all wrong words. Another symbol that is useful is L1 (mother tongue interference) as students tend to often express themselves in their mother tongue (expressions or words that, in our case, may make sense in Greek but are inaccurate in English). The symbol R (you repeat yourself) can help the learners see why a new paragraph (where they may still be presenting the same idea but with different vocabulary) does not get any credit and marksdowns their essay, especially when practising writing tasks part A for their Cambridge Examinations where the points are given in the topic and the students are required to develop all of them. The symbol ST (wrong style) has also proved very useful to alert them against using informal words/phrasal verbs when writing a formal essay/letter. The symbol A (inappropriate) was represented before by WW (wrong word) but we needed to emphasise that some words, such as etc or OK, in a writing task other than an informal letter or informal e-mail are unacceptable. It has worked very well with our students. The symbol ʌ(add a word/a word is missing) makes the learners think over about the expressions/sentences/clauses they have used in that particular line; sometimes the subject or the object of a verb are missing, which of course is GR (grammar error) but at the same time it makes their sentence or paragraph inaccurate or incomprehensible.

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