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Religion and Child Development Toward Teenage Pregnancy essay

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Services). Teenage females associated with childbearing expose themselves to many risks and negative effects that can affect their future. Females result with many consequences due to teenage pregnancy. This paper will strictly focus on the effects females experience through teenage pregnancy. The reader will be able to develop an overall understanding of the causes of teen pregnancy. Also, the reader will be able to distinguish the psychosocial effects on the girl during adolescent pregnancy. The reader

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...all pregnant women, mothers, and fathers. While teen pregnancy prevention advocates continue to place much needed attention on reducing teen pregnancy and teen birth rates, programs and information about teenage pregnancy often focus solely on prevention, with little emphasis placed on providing services for teens that are already pregnant and/o...

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may make, on average, $20,000 to $40,000 a year. The reality of teenage pregnancies can cause many disturbances in an adolescent 's life. High school pregnancies are not glitz and glamour like television may portray, in reality, expecting teenage mothers are not exposed to that fashionable life that most teenagers strive for. A student 's normal like will be affected by problems with friends, family, and emotional experiences. Teenage friendships are what shapes a human into the people that they become

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Teen pregnancy and resulting births present/cause many (related to social pressure, how people act toward each other, etc.) challenges, and as a result require the total (of everything or everyone) efforts of many to provide solutions. Teen pregnancy has been thought about/believed a "social ill" for centuries in the United States and has always challenged moral and (honest and right) thoughts and feelings. The money-based costs of teens giving birth are significant, and there are many forcing/forceful/interesting

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The child of a teen mother is very likely to live in poverty because of its mothers lack of financial resources. Essentially, the birth of this child becomes the beginning of a perpetual cycle in many cases. The child is likely to endure many of the same issues its mother did in her childhood. For instance, the child is likely to grow up in poverty and in very poor conditions. They are likely to be missing a father figure, leaving them with fewer role models and increased chances of confiding in other children in the same situation. The children's academic success is also further compromised and these children do not strive to achieve much academically [2]. Furthermore, these kids have social problems and are unable to make friends very easily which leads to poor relationship development which is a crucial stage in adolescence. Poor relationship development can be linked to the child being deprived economically as well as educationally. The children are likely to drop out of high school and also succumb to the use of drugs and alcohol due to lack of parental involvement and monitoring[5]. The cycle is very likely to repeat itself over and over[2].

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INTRODUCTION 1. Aim 1.1 The aim of this report is to discuss Teen Pregnancy, to inform you on this social issue and provide answers to questions you may have. Hopefully to bring some insight to you on this issue. Definition 1.2 What is teen pregnancy? Its when a girl between the ages of 14-19 fall pregnant, teen mothers are at higher risks of being judged by peers, family and the social eye compared to elder mothers. DISCUSSION 2. Who does teen pregnancy effect? 2.1 The main person

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...with marriage rates among teens soaring: in the 1990’s the teen marriage rate swelled 50%, reversing an adolescent marriage decline that had been on the fall for nearly 30 years (Chan). Marriage is still somewhat uncommon among teenagers, however nearly 4.5 out of every 100 teenagers between the ages of 14 and 19 are married (Chan). Teenage marriage is a large issue because of the intellectual, economic and mental toll it takes on its advocates. Married teens are more likely to drop out of high school and have lower incomes than those who get married at a mature age. Also, teens are more likely to be divorced from their wedlock partners within 15 years of being married at an adolescent age than those who get married older (Stritof). Teenage marriage is an unhealthy decision and should not be allowed for the safety of the juveniles’ future. Teenagers who get married typically drop out of high school within a year of getting hitched. This is mostly due to the stress that marriage causes a relationship when getting wedded as an adolescent, also because most teenage marriages are often forced due to the ever-growing problem of teen pregnancy. 31% of women who get married in their teens end up living at poverty level later in their life because of their decisions to get married and drop out of high school, thus not earning enough of an education to keep a decent, well-paying job (Dahl). Similarly, a woman who...

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...Teenage pregnancy can be defined as pregnancy of women who have not reached twenty years when the pregnancy ends regardless of the marital status. In South Africa one in three girls has had a pregnancy before the age of twenty. The community at large is aware of the problem of teenage pregnancy. Young women in our communities are falling pregnan...

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compared the effects of abstinence-only and comprehensive sex education programs, operationalizing effectiveness in terms of initiation of sexual activity and teen pregnancy rates. They found that teenagers who received comprehensive sex education rather than abstinence-only or no education were significantly less likely to report a teenage pregnancy. In addition, their conclusions mirrored Sather and Kelly (2002), finding that abstinence-based programs did not reduce the likelihood of engaging in sexual