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World Trade-Dependency Among Nations. essay

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historical research has been devoted to this phenomenon; and the various nuances among the decolonization processes undergone by the various Southeast Asian countries have been of interest. For the purpose of this essay, I shall define ‘decolonization' as "the process whereby colonial powers transferred institutional and legal control over their territories and dependencies to indigenously based, formally sovereign, nation-states ". Singapore's ‘neighbours' in Southeast Asia are namely: Laos, Vietnam

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and self-aggrandizing story of discovery, settlement, nation building, and international hegemony in favor of an international point of view from which the nation itself seems less in focus than the interplay of larger forces shaping development, economic change, competition among empires, and so on. Unlike modernization theory with its depiction of inevitability and a more or less singular model of success, this bird's-eye view of the nation links it to larger developments and thus forces frequent

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Additionally current members states are: Algeria, Argentina, Benin, Bolivia, Brazil, Cameroon, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt (16-07-89), Macedonia, Guinea, Guyana (04-05-89), Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, South Korea (11-06-89), Libya, Malaysia (31-08-89), Mexico (13-05-89), Morocco (13-07-89), Mozambique, Myanmar, Nicaragua (03-05-89), Pakistan (08-07-89), Peru (15-04-89), Philippines, Sudan, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia (25-08-89), Venezuela, Vietnam and the trade bloc of MERCOSUR (2-11-2006)[2]

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References Brown Consultancy Services. (2012).Theory of International Trade. Retrieved February 25, 2015 from Costinot, A & Donaldson D., (2004) Ricardo's theory of comparative advantage: Old idea, new evidence. Retrieved February 25, 2015 from Direct Selling Education Foundation, (1998). The North American Free Trade Agreement. Retrieved February 25, 2015 from

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There are some other, not so obvious, cultural differences as well. Such things as general consumer preferences may be very different in the target country. An example of these consumer preferences would be what is considered standard staples in the country. Another example would be shopping habits, such as time, frequency and consumer outlet type that is generally preferred (Ebert, R. J., 2003). Yet another example would be if the standard work day isn’t the same as a standard workday in the country where the company is based, this could affect such things as the hours of operation of a store-front or office. A terrific example of general consumer preferences is brought to light by McDonald’s (McDonald’s Inc, 2003).

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