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It is still controversial whether or not the SDI moved the Soviet government to make a series of diplomatic concessions that finally led to the end of the Cold War. Indeed, several Soviet policymakers did acknowledge that the SDI forced them to admit that they could not outspend the United States on the military buildup. Reagan’s moral uneasiness about nuclear weapons, worsened by the frightening image of nuclear war, contributed toward bringing the Cold War to an end. Ideally, the end of the Cold War was facilitated by strategies of withdrawing dangerous arms that endured the political superiority and control of other territories by the superpower countries. Achieving disarmament among various countries enhanced peaceful coexistence across the societies. This was the only way to counter competition in the world, as the superpower countries ensured that it prevented any chance of competition that might be experienced across the society. Although the Cold War has been characterized by human killings and deaths, various lessons have been learnt following the destruction that occurred as a result of the Cold War. Therefore, the most important impact is the implementation or acquiring of strategies that prevent war in the society. The United Nations is enlightening individuals on the effects of war, both politically and economically.

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The cold war is a major event that involved American and Russian allies as conflicting sides, led to different actions, created new forces, and changed the international order. This historical period ended not so many years ago. Writing the cold war essay is a challenge to students, especially if they aren’t familiar with communism, capitalism, a threat or nuclear weapons, and other related historical information, but it’s an important part of earning high grades. Many details go into ensuring that such essays are free from errors. This detailed guide can help you figure out what to write.

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Secondly, America pursued policies that were aimed at eliminating communism among Americans. This move blocked the implementation of some policies that would have spurred economic growth in America. For instance, in 1950’s, NDR (New Deal Reforms) began to be associated with socialism. Its directors were tortured by pursuing programs with elements of socialism. This was notwithstanding the fact that such programs were aimed at improving the well being of Americans. Moreover, USA used Hollywood as a propaganda tool to suppress communism. American security agencies urged Hollywood to start producing movies that only ignited patriotism. This promoted suspicion of communism in America. With this regard many Americans were tortured or even killed on false allegations that they promoted communism. This phenomenon can best be explained by the American League of southern California which listed nearly 2 million Americans who supported communism. These people were blacklisted, hence lost their jobs. Their basic rights were also infringed into based on these allegations. It is therefore paradoxical that America tortured its own citizens.

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In lieu of the discussion held above, let us penetrate a little deeper into the concept of ‘globalization’. In globalization, we are faced with a global technological age, global economic and financial markets, and a powerful media with a global reach, as well interconnectivity between people and cultures. With the globalization of information we see a flow of information from the North to the South, without restraint, and the greatest example of this is that of WikiLeaks. Such a flow of information entails that no truth can remain hidden for long in an age where no boundaries are attached to the flow of information. With the globalization of trade we see the integration of global economic markets with the result that when one financial market collapses, the others do so one by one, which is displayed perfectly by the Asian Currency Crisis in 1999 and the much more recent financial crisis of 2007-2008. Trade globalization has also brought to the forefront the issue of the MNCs and the fact that in order to earn higher revenues corporations have to relocate to other countries with a larger part of their revenues making its way back to their home country. This flight of capital essentially brings no benefits to many Global South countries in fact replacing national corporations, with the result that there are yet more power players for nation states to worry about. The trade globalization issue also opens up the conflict of ‘hypocrisy’ of Western nation states while promoting free trade- they are not seen to be enthusiastic followers of their own proposed strategy, thereby incurring even more censure from poorer nations. According to the World Bank, ‘The United States, EU and Japan continue to maintain some of their highest tariffs on sugar, meats, fruits and vegetables, as well as textiles and footwear- precisely the kind of basic products in which developing countries enjoy a comparative advantage because of low labor costs.’

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Nevertheless, the United States of America is in unique position to alter the course of world. When analyzing different world order in post post-Cold War that started with Obama administration, one has to pay attention to domestic situation of the United States. For a long period of time, instabilities within the United States remained untouched. So to say, Clinton’s and Bush’s administrations utilized an ancient principle governing – when you want to divert public’s attention from domestic problems, you should go to war – heeding that both presidents of the U.S. utilized well. Still, domestic issues remained. Currently, it seems that Obama administration is working hard to resolve some domestic issues, for example by reforming health care system, [25] and by redefining others like national security. Nevertheless, most pressing instabilities within domestic system derive from economy – subject already discussed above. In addition to these problems, current administration must also battle with legacy of Iraq war and public opinion thereof. Although, Obama was and is against presence of American troops in Iraq, it is quite difficult to remove forces from that area while leaving still infant Iraqi democracy without direct support. To summarize, the United States has some problems domestically, but it is still quite capable and strong to solve them – question is how much these issues affects the United State’s foreign policy.

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In this paper we are going to discuss the extent to which the study of international security has changed after the end of the Cold War. It should be said that international security is the system of international relations based on respect for all nations recognized principles and norms of international law, which precludes the solution of disputes and disagreements between them by force or threat. The principles of international security include the assertion of peaceful coexistence as a universal principle of international relations, equal security for all states, the creation of effective safeguards in the military, political, economic and humanitarian areas – the prevention of an arms race in outer space, the cessation of all nuclear weapons tests and their complete elimination; dissolution of the military factions, unconditional respect for the sovereign rights of each nation; a just political settlement of international crises and regional conflicts, strengthening of trust between States, to develop effective methods of preventing international terrorism, eradication of genocide, apartheid, fascism sermons, with the exception of international practice, all forms of discrimination, rejection of economic blockades and sanctions (without the recommendations of the international community) to establish a new economic order that ensures an equal economic security of all nations. An integral part of international security is the effective functioning of the collective security mechanism enshrined by the UN Charter.

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This article examines the post Cold War political landscape in America, and explains the various points of view of the government and public attitude. As experienced after other shocking events such as the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor and the Vietnam war, political ideology becomes divided between internationalists, who believe in multilateral cooperation and effective international organizations and isolationists who are against international involvement, thus “at the water’s edge.” The interesting aspect of this study to me, since it was obviously written prior to our current war on terrorism and the situation in Iraq, is the relevance of these diverse ideologies in today’s debate of America’s role in international affairs. Much like the positions after the Cold War, there are those who believe we should focus on domestic issues, and those who think we must act as the police for the world. After the attacks of September 11, 2001, it became clear to the Bush Administration, and subsequently to the American public, that is was imperative for the United States to lead the world against a common terrorist enemy. This effort gained universal, bipartisan support and resulted in social and financial commitments from world leaders and their constituencies. It could be argued that too much emphasis was directed to the war on terrorism, as in the invasion of Iraq in the name of national security, however, the same arguments and political leverage were used to facilitate action as by FDR in World War II and LBJ in the Vietnam war.

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realism, the question being asked is does it do a good job of explaining the end of the Cold War? Everyone can have their own answers and reasonings behind why they think it does or doesn 't explain it well enough. Realists view the Cold War as an attempt to keep the balance of power between the states and inside the states themselves. Neither states were able to dominant over everything or declare all out war against each other, therefore both the United States and the USSR would dominate international